Covid-19 (EN)

In this time of uncertainty with COVID-19 pandemic, Stella-Meri Studios / Apartments assures you that your safety and comfort remain our highest priority. Our thoughts are with those who are affected by this virus and those who are caring for them.

First and foremost as a matter of our policy, for all guests visiting our apartments, the same rules apply as for the entrance to Greece at the border crossing points, such as the presentation of a vaccination or COVID sickness certificate or an antigen rapid test certificate in English 72 hours before.

We Clean. We Care. We Welcome.

We have adopted precautionary measures at our apartments as the safety of our guests is paramount to us. Thus we have altered check in after 14:00 and check out before 10:00 to allow more detailed cleaning and adequate ventilation of apartments.

Precautionary Measures include:

Rigorous cleaning of apartments after check out including at least 24 hours ventilation.

Frequent sanitisation of high-contact points, such as stairway and handles, Kiosk tables and benches.

Hand sanitisers placed at communal areas, such as kiosk rest areas. Thermometers available to conduct temperature checks of our guests and employees upon request.

Provision of medical masks and gloves for our guests and employees upon request, subject to availability as they are primarily personal responsibility items.

Regular hand hygiene, 2m distancing and use of face masks are key elements ensuring proper defence against COVID-19. These are vital to help combat the spread of viruses and the health of our guests.

Specific personal protective measures and cleaning include:

Coughing or sneezing into a paper tissue or the elbow by guests and staff members.

Hand hygiene is an essential control measure (hand washing with soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Use of face masks as complementary measure at communal areas, supermarkets, etc.

Increased Ventilation of apartments for more than 24 hours is critical.

Cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces as often as possible is key. Examples are doorknobs and handles, chairs and armrests, table-tops, light switches, handrails, water taps. 

Remember that notwithstanding all measures the virus is present. Therefore remember to travel with a valid travel insurance for all family to avoid unpleasant situations, in addition to negative rapid tests tests or vacination records.